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地址:Julu Garden
Technology & Quality Junior Engineer, E..
  • 學歷要求: 本科及以上
  • 工作經驗: 1年以上
  • 更新時間: 2022-05-28
  • 招聘人數: 若干
  • 招聘對象: 社會人才
  • 工作地區: 上海-靜安區
Please send your CV via this link: https://cea3.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=42
Major Responsibilities

1. Continuously train on the energy storage fields, keep updated knowledge of the la**** technical developments, read all relevant technical publications and specialized newsletters, attend technology conferences.

2. Provide necessary technical consulting to CEA’s commercial team (including sales and account managers) to educate and train the team to better promote CEA’s services to clients. This may include assisting in the development of new market intelligence services for internal use and/or as client services.

3. Actively participate in the creation of powerful, cutting-edge technical content (white papers, online posts, presentations) to educate CEA’s clients and assist them to take the best decisions and thus promote CEA’s technical branding.

4. Create, edit and assist with reviewing technical reports of CEA’s projects for CEA’s clients, with the aim of delivering top-class reporting with proper methodologies and formatting, following CEA’s standards, and employing the right Business Intelligence tools.

5. Collect, process, cleanse and organize technical market intelligence data from the energy storage sectors for business or internal applications.

6. Support the TQ and Business Intelligence teams in the development and deployment of an inhouse database to organize CEA’s archived data.

7. Collect and study all necessary industry standards and technical trends for energy storage.

8. Assist in developing and maintaining strong professional relationships with companies throughout the energy storage value chain, especially major and emerging lithium ion battery manufacturers.

9. Assist CEA’s client tours by acting as main point of contact and tour guide in SE Asia and China.

10. Perform any other special projects ordered by the Director or the Manager of the Technology and Quality Department.

Basic Qualifications/Requirements

1. Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in an engineering, physics, or science related field. Other degree backgrounds are encouraged to apply if the candidate has a technical science background

2. Highly proficient English speaker with an excellent writing ability

3. Native or Excellent Mandarin speaking skills

4. High level of proficiency in Office applications, especially Excel, PowerPoint, and Word

5. Working experience, including internships in a manufacturing industry, quality assurance consulting firm, or similar field

6. Good communication ability and teamwork skills

Preferred Qualifications/Requirements

1. Familiarization with the storage industries including the industry structure and manufacturing equipment

2. Master\\\\\\\'s Degree in Engineering with an emphasis on electrochemistry, electricity, or energy storage

3. Quality control experience in a manufacturing industry

4. Broad understanding of the China energy storage market


職位類別: 光電工程師

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  • 公司規模:100 - 499人
  • 公司性質:外商獨資
  • 所屬行業:光伏工程
  • 所在地區:上海-靜安區
  • 聯系人:
  • 手機: 請在線投遞
  • 座機: 請在線投遞
  • 郵箱: 請在線投遞
  • 郵政編碼:
  • 地址:Julu Garden

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